The Art & Science of Face Reading

The Art of Reading Faces provides us with a good opportunity to make our life more interesting and exciting.

Face reading is the most natural thing we do. We unconsciously feel an attraction or a caution when confronted by someone new. Why not learn to recognize people consciously? We can then be more precise and get the best out of every situation. Learn to read what the soul is communicating energetically through the chakra systems of the face and body. Your face and its overall structure and shape reflect all your thoughts and desires. Your bone structure is the blueprint of your soul’s purpose. How that bone structure fills out reflects the expression and suppression of your innermost feelings.

The Face is the Autobiography of Life:

  • the structure and shape indicates performance
  • eyebrows – communication
  • forehead – the frame of mind
  • eyes – a point of view
  • nose – the personality knows
  • ear – listening carefully
  • cheeks & cheekbones – ambition
  • lines of development – tell-tale lines
  • chin and jaw – vitality and foundation
  • lips – the taste for life
  • facial hair – grounding and sensitivity

Face Reading teaches you all the facts that written psychological tests cannot. You will know how to assess the make-up of the potential of a person accurately. This is an essential diagnostic tool in many areas of life:

Human Resource Professionals ~ Salespeople ~ Public Relations Personnel ~ Consultants ~Therapists ~ Counsellors ~ Teachers ~ Nurses ~ Parents

Learn to know your family, friends and colleagues

Knowing a person’s Personality Potential will enhance:

  • sales performance
  • negotiating skills
  • interviewing
  • team building
  • improve relationships
  • job interviews
  • leading seminars
  • staff interaction
  • management skills
  • business relationships
  • understanding audience reaction
  • selecting personal partnersreaction

Investment: $397