Carole Maureen Friesen - World leading Trainer in
'Sacred Body Language'…awakening within

I want to thank you for dropping by our website. I feel so fortunate to connect with amazing healers, coaches, speakers, business owners… heart-centered people who really care about making a difference in the World.

CaroleFor the past 14 years, I've been a leading expert in the magic of BodyMind Communication, a sought-after keynote speaker, a best-selling author and an award winning teacher. I've worked and shared the stage with some of the world's leaders in personal and business development, including New York bestselling authors T. Harv Eker, Callan Rush and Doreen Virtue.

I teach and live deep transformative work that empowers people to peel back their emotional layers and reconnect to their bodies - down to cellular memory.

I've had the privilege of seeing the results of this work transform lives, open hearts and empower people to truly become and live their soul's purpose.

But it wasn’t always this way....

"Leave your Damn Emotions at Home, We've got Beer to Sling!"

I used to own a bar in working-class Lethbridge, Alberta. It was called Carole’s Bistro and Blues Bar and I was exactly the stereotype you'd expect of a tough country girl in a working man's world… running a bar. I was hard and tough. I wore black. I tucked and tied up my hair in a hard knot, because there was no place in my life for flow and there was certainly no place for emotions. I was known for telling my staff "leave your damn emotions at home, we've got beer to sling".

There was a deep yearning inside of me to seek something more meaningful in life! After 14 years of running my bar, I sold it and used the money to travel and explore the world.

One day during my life seeking adventures, I found myself looking at a poster that said "The Magic of BodyMind Communication." It was advertising an upcoming event and I thought: "Why not?..." I even invited a friend to come along with me.

The poster fulfilled its promise, because there was something magical, mystical and transformational about that evening.

There was a funny little white bearded man at the front of the room (yes, there is a wise wizard in this story!) who opened my eyes to the possibility that there was more to life than what I have been experiencing. He taught me about the body mind and its connection to the brain and the connection to the Universal Mind. This was the missing link I have been searching for… the key to understanding myself and to the true potential within myself.

That funny little man is Hermann Müller, the founder of the Australasian Institute of BodyMind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy. He held himself with power, dignity and grace. He filled the whole room with his loving compassion. He could glance at someone and SEE them right through to their soul, just by looking at their body or face.

I said to myself: “Whatever that man can do, I am going to learn!” I realized that this man could show me how to be more than the tough "leave your emotions at home" bar owner.

Needless to say I signed up for his whole program.

After 42 Years, my Body, Mind & Soul Finally Re-Connect…
(i.e. I Collapse in a Pile of Snot and Tears)

…Two days into the training, I am watching other people transform right before my eyes. Picture me in that room with my arms folded, watching what's going on, resisting the very idea that there could be something 'wrong' with me. I was refusing to participate and allow myself to feel the numbness in my body. I was afraid of what might come up… closed and frightened… yearning for the release and the healing that the other participants were experiencing.

I went through the first 3 days of the training sitting on edge until one particular moment when we were asked to do a BodyMind analysis with a partner. I completed the analysis and when everyone started to write their reports… I just sat there… frozen.

Time ticked by… minute by excruciating minute… soon it was time to share our reports in front of the group.

Mine was blank… Completely blank…

I could write nothing, I had nothing to share. It felt like I was staring into a deep, dark abyss. Fearful and frightened of what that empty paper meant.

What happened next was the most dramatic moment of my life.

I simply let go.

It was as if thousands and thousands of rubber bands let go inside my body all at once!

I let my body finally connect with my heart… my soul and I cried out 42 years of pent up anger, pain, resentment and shame. 42 years of being tough, of not allowing myself to feel anything... simply living in numbness.

The layers of hurt I had stored in my body were released, layer upon layer… upon layer.

I cried out the sorrow of my dear friend dying in a car accident when I was 28, I cried out the pain of all the surgeries that followed, I cried out the years of being closed off and tough when I wanted to be open and soft.

I cried for the 7 year old girl who was wrongfully accused of cheating on a spelling test, who got sent to the principal's office and strapped, who had to walk home and tell her parents of this shame. I cried for that beautiful little girl who since that experience had never believed in herself… who hated writing, who hated spelling… who couldn't even write one word on her report.

Since that dramatic moment, my life has changed profoundly. Not only did my body, mind and soul finally re-connect, my whole being shifted.

I became a student of Hermann Müller, and brought his work into North America. I travelled all across North America, going to expos, speaking at events, teaching classes in BodyMind Communication, developing new and expanded programs about Sacred Body Language and Body Awareness.

My body changed too, as my posture straightened and I began to connect to the energies of the earth. I finally understood how I used to charge through life with my head pushing out ahead of my body. My posture opened up and I let my hair down.

Not only is my body different, and getting younger every year, I enjoy life more. I have deeper friendships. I went from someone who couldn't even run a staff meeting to someone who loves public speaking and presenting in front of hundreds of people.

But enough about me… let’s talk about you…

There is a transformational power… a sacredness to learning and applying the language of the Body, and that is what I'm inviting you to experience through my training programs and videos. Having a clean, clear relationship with your body can help your sales, your public speaking skills, your ability to influence others, your relationships and your health.

The Lightworkers Institute is a powerful Joint Venture Partner for other transformational industry leaders for mutual success. They include top Lightworkers/Luminaries/Leaders in Business, Self-Empowerment and Wholistic Practitioners.

Our Self Empowerment Live Events, Online Transformational Trainings and Practitioner/Masters/Teachers Certification Programs are the foundation of the Institute.

If you are a healer, a community leader, a Lightworker, a speaker, coach, author, or anyone with a desire to have a deeper, more intimate relationship with yourself and your body, I invite you to explore our training programs and join us in this life changing journey... home to your True Essence.