The Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy

Online Training + Facebook Group Monthly Coaching & Case Studies
2023 BONUS: Accommodations and food included (Valued at $1200.00)

All 2023 Trainings take place at the beautiful Heaven and Earth Sanctuary, San Isidro del General, Costa Rica.

This is an advanced study of the Psychosomatic Psychology and its therapeutic applications. You will experience a deeper understanding of Psychosomatic Psychology and its relation to Personality Profiling and Body Language.

The Certification requirements include:

  • Profiling the personality: Soul & Personality Rays, Galactic Signature Blueprint
  • Psychosomatic linguistics.
  • Body language interpretation.
  • Soul energetics through emotional release.
  • Creating case histories and therapeutic treatment.
  • Analysis of clients and other participants for psychosomatic assessments.

This advanced Self Discovery Training is the next level in your Personal and Professional training. This is the decisive factor in how you will present yourself in professional situations and how you interact with others on a daily basis.

Just take a look at the testimonials below and other ones on YouTube, this training consistently makes a profound difference in our students lives.

Experience this opportunity for greater expression of your true potential. “What a tool for self-confidence!”

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*Pre-requisite: Practitioner Certification in Psychosomatic Therapy  

**Payment Plans are available, but do keep in mind that all payments have to be processed before the training commences. 


Would you like a Self Discovery Session before you move forward?

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