Diploma in Psychosomatic Psychology

Online Training + Facebook Group
1 year mentorship included

Graduation at this level ensures your capacity of people management and communication at a therapeutic and management level. Your capacity to train and assess small groups through your continued practice gives you the opportunity to teach modules at Certificate III Level. Your students will be given accreditation through the Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy as you are now certified Psychosomatic trainers.

The Certification requirements include:

  • Plan and deliver training sessions.
  • Performance and conduct assessment.
  • Specific presentation skills using updated technology.
  • 6 day Residential training on orientation and specific therapy skills.
  • 10 days teaching experience under trainer’s supervision Cert. III
  • 4 days training and participation with Master Practitioners & Graduation.

This brilliant Career Opportunity is offered in a field of Professional Psychosomatic Therapy

Pre-requisite: Certificate III (Magic of Psychosomatic Psychology Levels 1 & 2) and Mastery of Psychosomatic Psychology 

If you are interested in a Self Discovery Session for more information about qualifying for our trainings, please contact our office at carole@thelightworkersinstitute.com