All Your Issues Are In Your Tissues

by Carole M. Friesen

I’m standing frozen in the front of the room, facing the twelve other students and our instructor, fighting a tremendous energy rising inside of me. What’s going on? Where is all this energy coming from? I’m pouring sweat… Why the hell have I signed up for this course?

I have just spent the last two days with a partner, reading each other’s bodies in our underwear. I am supposed to write a report on what I discovered from her BodyMind Analysis.

As the minutes tick by, I freeze. I can’t write a word. Not a single word. WOW! I stare at the blank piece of paper, the energy within me gets harder and harder to suppress. I only have a half an hour. Tick tock, tick tock… only 15 minutes left. Oh my God! Only 15 minutes to finish before I have to read this in front of the whole group. I can’t write anything. Nothing. My body is numb. Now I am fighting back the tears. My brain is going a million miles an hour. I’m fighting something. It’s as if my soul is telling me: “There is something we haven’t dealt with and we are going to deal with it right now.”

In front of everyone, I feel something snapping inside of me, like thousands of rubber bands breaking all at once.

As my body releases, I am brought whirling back to the moment when my power was taken away from me, the moment when I began to armor myself emotionally and physically. In that moment I finally cry out thirty-eight long years of pent-up anger, pain, grief, guilt and humiliation.

The year I entered grade two, we moved three times. I attended a small two room country school with six grades in one room. During a spelling test one morning, Janet, the girl beside me, was talking to me. As I was telling her to be quiet, the teacher saw me talking and accused me of cheating in front of everyone. He marched over, grabbed me by the collar and hauled me into the back room. He told me to put out my hand, and hit me hard with a leather strap.

Walking out of that room and back into the classroom, I felt the sting of humiliation much more than the throbbing pain in my hand.

It’s as if my soul is telling me:
“There is something we haven’t dealt with
and we are going to deal with it right now.”

All day I worried about telling my parents what had happened, and when I did, the whole family teased me. I was devastated. From then on, I hated English, and I put up a wall between myself and that experience. I vowed that no one would ever hurt that beautiful, vulnerable little girl again.

We moved again, into a bigger community, and my reputation for being a poor reader and speller placed me at the back of the classroom with all the so called dunces. Any time I was asked to answer a question or read out loud, things went blurry. I told my teachers: “I can’t see the blackboard.” Then I needed glasses. One of my friends corrected all my homework for me, she checked my spelling and grammar in every assignment. She had my back.

I started gaining weight. I became the class clown, the tomboy no one could hurt.

I was one of seven children, and no one had the extra time to work with me. Nobody encouraged or helped me—they just thought I was dumb. So I went through school and most of my adult life believing that I was half stupid, even though I got A’s and B’s in every subject except English.

Without understanding the causes, this vulnerability tripped me up every day of my life and slowly chipped away at my self confidence. So many situations required me to write and spell. I kept reinforcing my belief: I can’t do this! It affected so many different areas. I was terrified of speaking in public. My dream was to be a nurse and I was turned down due to bad marks in English.

The masculine energy which protected me as a tomboy, continued to serve me in my adult life. I owned and operated a successful bistro and blues bar for fourteen years. Even though I could do it all, my insecurities crept in: I never held a staff meeting, I never once took my own stage and I hired someone to take care of my correspondence. I wore black, tied my hair in a tight bun and told my employees, “Leave your damn emotions at home! We’ve got beer to sling.”

I thought I was in charge, but I was only in control.

In 2000, a year after selling my business, I realized I wanted something more from life. I decided to do some inner work. I signed up for the workshop that changed my life: “The Magic of BodyMind Communication.” I thought I had mentally dealt with all the pain, yet here I was, suppressing years of pent up hurt.

This vulnerability tripped me up every
day of my life and slowly chipped
away at my self confidence.

I hadn’t realized that I had stored that early experience in my cellular memory. I hadn’t realized how many times it tripped me up in my adult life. Hiding my insecurities took a tremendous amount of energy. In the moment when I released it, it all unraveled and freed my body.

My body surged with an energy I have never felt before.

In the days and weeks that followed, the whole world changed for me. I took a different direction—the direction of self-love. I was in ecstasy! Ever since that day, I can spell just fine, and now I love public speaking.

I totally lived in my head; I didn’t even know I had a body. I just dragged the poor thing along. Suddenly, I was present, listening to my body. I now perceive things differently. I learned how to stand in my power, fully activated and in charge. The insecurities no longer haunt me.  They had all originated where I had been wounded so long ago, and now I started to feel the freedom and empowerment by letting them go. I now accept and love myself exactly as I am, instead of how I thought the world wanted me to be. It was like having a full-body orgasm that lasted for weeks!

Now I understand how the BodyMind works at protecting that vulnerable little child in all of us.

I discovered that I am a walking autobiography of my life.

I thought I was in charge, but
I was only in control.

My life experiences show in every part of my physical body. My body has all the wisdom! My weight was my body’s way of protecting my innermost feelings, my back pain was the tension I felt from busting my back to please others. Wow, talk about coming home to myself: I came home to an understanding that my beautiful body only wanted my love and acceptance. Other people started seeing me differently, too! I released twenty pounds of protection, and my whole face softened from letting go of all those suppressed emotions.

Every incident or accident that happened in my life was related to power. Our power is in the stomach area; we process it through the solar plexus. The strap on the hand in grade two actually hit me bang in the solar plexus. So it took away my power, but I when I took it back, it was using my feminine energy, not the masculine energy I used for so long to protect my vulnerability. I discovered that my softness, gentleness, and my juicy female body are where my real power comes from.

Letting go of cellular memory is like turning the light on in a dark, dusty corner. All the spiders and nasty things scurry, the cobwebs clear out. I begin to glow. My body has all the wisdom. I can read a thousand books about how to ride a bicycle, but until I actually get on one, I don’t understand it. The same is true with your issues.

All your issues are in your tissues!

The Diamonds in My Dog Doodoo Video

I really believe that the universe set me up for this beautiful journey, and that I needed all these challenges, or what I call fertilizer, to grow and find my path. It’s in our challenges that we find our growth; otherwise we stay just the same. Finding the diamonds in the dog shit made me who I am today. You can succeed in spite of your challenges when you seek out the diamond, the one little gift in each challenge. And once you learn from that experience, you can let it go.

No longer afraid to step onto my own stage, I have been in service to the work that changed my life for many years. I teach that same course in BodyMind Communication that first opened me up to my own story. I am a keynote speaker all over North America. I am a face reader and a fluent speaker of the most expressive language of all: the body language. I have empowered thousands of people to come home to themselves by understanding and loving the autobiographies of their own bodies.

All your stories are inside you. Your journey to empowerment is in your own beautiful body, and if you are in your body, aware and present, you too can achieve your own success. Your body is the vehicle on this journey, so let’s get in the driver’s seat!

A sought-after keynote speaker and an award-winning teacher with a diploma in Psychosomatic Therapy, Carole M. Friesen is in the business of empowerment. Through self-awareness, she shares how to peel back the emotional layers of cellular memory and discover that true power is within. Carole is the North American spokesperson and oversees thousands of students, practitioners and teachers in Psychosomatic Therapy. Carole has worked closely with the Founder and Director of the Australasian Institute of BodyMind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy: Hermann Müller since 2001. She has shared the stage with New York bestselling authors T. Harv Eker, John Gray and Doreen Virtue.

Spend a few minutes in Carole’s presence and feel your body come alive! 



9 Replies to “All Your Issues Are In Your Tissues”

  1. Dear Carole
    When i heard about you experience you had in grade two it bought me back to my early days in school.I had difficulty with reading and spelling and still do to some degree even today.There is one particular incident that still today can bring feelings of shame and hurt and that happened back in grade two when i was asked to read out loud and could not pronounce all the words.A couple of female student sitting next to me, one of them i had a huge crush for made some comment about my poor reading skills.It's happening again i feel the need to cry so i am convinced that and have know for some time that i have past experiences that need to be cleared so that i can stop living in the past and move forward.You read my face in November and afterwards i experienced a feeling of total exhaustion and calmness.I look forward to the day when i will be able to take your full body awareness coarse. For now i am making a conscious effort to stand toes pointing forward and stimulating my lips.

    Thank you Darren

  2. Very enlightening, it propels me to turn the search light inside in search of a reason or reasons why I have been trying so hard succeeding and not attaining it. Great stuff keep the energy going.

  3. Hi Carole, thank you so much. I enjoyed your video and I will read your book. I can totally relate to the humiliation you felt in school. I have had similar experiences throughout my school years. I am in the process of clearing the emotions and energies around those experiences. Your video today has helped greatly.
    Sparkly rainbow blessings

  4. I was just introduced to you through the Sheila Gale show. Issue in my tissue resonates with me. I've been up & down 30lbs. More times then I can count. I'll be having a chat with my fat (tissues). Thank you for sharing & I look forward to the next video.

  5. You are also very easy to listen to and I enjoyed the video. I will be looking forward to other work you may have out now and in the future

  6. Loved the Video and Love what you stand for
    Carole briefly read my face and body at her recent gatherings. I will be attending her live workshop May22-24 2015. Carole is someone I have been waiting for my whole life because I too also believe I was designed for an Energy movement and now I am ready. I too was squashed as a child flatter than a pancake. I remember as a child I had dramatically weird ideas and concepts about success and how life worked and I was always told to shut up if i didn't shut up and do what I was told I got punished. As a young child hell grew thicker and thicker people in my environment were mentally ill and I believed in them but unfortunately not believing in myself.For years life was a mean piece of dog shit to me and I had enough.
    I demanded to know who I was, I spent alot of time beading myself up about it, I knew everything I felt was real and I knew everything I saw was horse shit. This year I am 30 and I'm taking ownership of my body; my temple. I have been studying myself for 10 years now and I understood many issues in my tissues. I accepted my all of my weird talents and myself after meeting Celeste White of One Love yoga and took her yoga teacher training. Now I get to furthering my quest on who is Rebecka why am I here what is the truth of this body? I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with Carole. I was going to go to Camrose Alberta to take some hair cutting training the day we actually meet. The universe lead me to Carole who read my face. Carole you are another key to unlocking my issues in my tissues. I know once I release my childhood anger through many releasing techniques.
    I will be free of body pain stuck in my tissues
    I'm very excited and so so so grateful.
    Thank you for being you
    I will keep everyone updated on the Transformation process

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