Your information is in your formation...


in other words:

Why are you in the shape you are in?
Remember... your body never lies!


When the energy is flowing freely muscle tone is firm, flexible and the tissue is balanced reflecting one's inner balance. When your energy is stuck and not flowing freely, this will show up in your body as excess tissue, flaccid or hard muscle tissue, or lack of tissue in parts of your body.

Let's examine each in turn...

Hard muscle shows armouring and protection of emotions (puffed up like a peacock):

Lack of tissue shows a lack of sensitivity and disconnection from one's feelings (there is nobody home):

Flaccid and weak muscle shows a lack of awareness, vivacity and drive (gave up on life):

Some excess tissue shows a good energy and high sensitivity but a partial blockage of this reduces the flow of the body's expression in other areas (top to bottom imbalance):

The presence of desensitised or fatty tissue is usually armouring and covering up areas of tension, sensitivity, blocked energy and unresolved emotions (mothering and smothering, taking care of everyone else before themselves):

How do we bring ourselves back into balance
so that we can live an ORGASMIC LIFE? 


Your body was created in perfect balance to allow energy to flow easily. We all start out perfectly balanced as babies. Let's get back to supreme harmony by aligning our structure with flow.

Realign your body to release your old cellular memory blocks and recreate Your Orgasmic Body.

Here is an example of centre core posture correction from the inside out: