Let's talk about how energy flows in the
physical body and how our emotions
get stuck causing energy blocks!


  Your body’s centre core is like a Pillar of Light... or a fluorescent tube. Each life experience affects you positively or negatively. The positive experiences, like joy and laughter, tend to be expressed and flow through you easily.

On the other hand the experiences that cause challenges and create feelings of anger, fear or anxiety may get stuck within the body as cellular memory blocks.

Each time a new block is created within your body through a new challenge or even a misspoken word (that you may have taken to heart!), a piece of your inner core is chipped away... leaving you disempowered which dims your light.

It is absolutely critical to release these emotional
cellular memory blocks and set yourself free! 


This is what it looks like when your light is dimmed:

Many people are walking around like Swiss cheese. They have parts of themselves missing... or parts of them may be stuck in the past. That doesn't mean that these pieces are physically missing!

This may manifest as numbness in the tissues... there may be parts of your physical body that you may feel disconnected from. Energy flows through your body freely when you release these cellular memory blocks.

Quick exercise: You can connect with your body at any time... right now I invite you to sit down with a blank piece of paper and write down 3 - 4 incidences from your past that hurt you deeply and dimmed your light. As you think of each of those events take a moment and breathe in - deeply feeling the impact those emotional incidences have had on your physical body. Now ask your body to feel the numbness or pain that is ready to be released giving yourself permission to let it go.

All your Issues are in your tissues!


I believe it is so important that every Lightworker stands in their power and releases what holds them back from shining their Light brightly! There is so much in depth information about each part of your body that I would like to share with you! This is why I developed the Body Scanning Meditation which combines an audio meditation and a full colour manual.

The Body Scanning Meditation focuses your attention on your whole body - part by part - facilitating a deep connection to every part of your body. This is a great way to expand your self appreciation and reconnect with yourself.

The extended Body Manual examines your whole body, part by part from the feet to the top of your head. Inside you will find the meanings of each body part, and any associated health and emotional issues.

You will enjoy reconnecting with yourself in this very deep way!