Easy does it, here are some baby steps of empowerment. 


At The Lightworkers Institute we train people to connect deeply to their centre core... this allows their Life Force to flow freely through their body as it recharges and cleanses all of their systems.

Here I will share with you an easy breathing technique...


At The Lightworkers Institute we believe that life is meant to be ORGASMIC! The only thing you need to do is organize your organs for orgasm.

This exceptional breathing technique is an amazing way to release stress and recharge your batteries.

Your diaphragm is an essential muscle for freeing your breath and awakening your orgasmic powers. Here is a visual to show you exactly where your diaphragm is:

Click the button below to play the meditation...
close your eyes and enjoy the power
your own Life Force 
flowing through you...

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There is one more baby step you can take at this time...


I have developed a daily practice I call Orgasmic Bedroom Yoga. It is so simple and so powerful.... and you don't even have to get out of your bed to do it!!!

This is a gentle way of unravelling the spine and balancing your nervous system, setting yourself up for a calm and peaceful day. Orgasmic Bedroom Yoga gently guides you to focus inside and feel into your beautiful body with love and acceptance.

Here are the steps:

As you wake up, it is important to start your day slowly… allowing for all the parts of your body to awaken using slow, sleepy movements. I start my mornings by tuning into my body from the bottom up, beginning with little movements that awaken and energize.

Start with your toes. Move them up and down, curling and stretching them. Move in any way that your feet want to move – feel the muscles and tendons of your wonderful feet that carry you around your whole life. Pay attention to your toes, feet and legs… spend time in gratitude of your beautiful body and all it does for you.

To awaken all of your energy centres allow your body to move in any way it desires. Take this time to connect with your body and any movement that you may be called upon to do.

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