Your greatest asset is your Body!


Most people live in their head, forgetting that they even have a body... until something major happens - like a dis-ease or an accident that forces them to stop dead in their tracks. A lot of people endure a life of numbness, disconnect and inner miscommunication and it becomes their norm.

Your Body has not forsaken you...
you have forsaken your Body.


The most critical communication is the communication within! This is what determines your shape and the state of your physical and emotional health. It colours all of your interactions with others, your life experiences and your emotional state.

Your thought patterns influence your words and create your reality as words become flesh. These habitual patterns create emotional cellular memory blocks, leaving a person feeling empty, unfulfilled and numb.

If you lived in France wouldn't you want to learn French??? If you are going to fully live in your body, wouldn't you want to learn your body's sacred language?


Alicia Mazari Andersen PhD,
Holistic Nutritionist & Speaker
Vancouver, BC

Your inner world creates your outer world!


People inhabit their bodies for years and decades... Are they listening to what their body is saying? So many people leave their body behind living solely in their head... until a major event turns their world upside down...

I don't want this to happen to you! This is why I have dedicated my life to empowering people just like you! I want you to be more than a leader, I want you to be a LIGHTWORKER IN FULL POWER!

This is precisely the reason I created Body Awakening Method - Online Training, to get you to connect deeply with your power, shine your light brightly and inspire many others!


Remember, you are a Lightworker and
your beautiful body is your Lighthouse!!!


Remember to save this email in that folder you created...named "My Lighthouse".