Are you living in your head or your body...?


We live in a society where most people are mentally driven, so much so that they leave their body awareness behind in the dust...

Most people are living in their heads barely aware of what's going on in their physical body. They are going headlong into the world disconnected from their feelings and ignoring the messages their body is communicating.

Remember, the body never lies!

Consequently they are cut off from
their true source of wisdom.




There are many possible consequences:
- This leads to neck pain, spinal misalignment, headaches and tension.
- This headlong posture creates stress in the present moment, disconnects you from your feelings and may keep you unconsciously stuck in the past... life and people around you may become a pain in the neck.

Challenge #2: Look at yourself in the mirror and see where your head is sitting. You can also have a friend take a profile picture of you so you can compare your posture to the picture above.

To correct this, find your point of balance with your feet parallel, realign your spine and gently pull your head back over your body.

Now observe others - how are they holding their heads? Reflect on how this may affect you or them on a daily basis.


Remember your Body never Lies!