Your Body Never Lies!


Your body tells the World exactly what you are focusing on. Everyone can see what your body is communicating... on some level. Most people communicate unconsciously, their lips say one thing while their body is communicating something totally different.
Let's talk about what your body is communicating right now!
Starting with your very foundation... take a second now and stand up... shake your body then stand still... look down at your feet... Your feet are like the wheels of a car... you would not drive with your tires pointing in different directions! Makes for a rough journey... time for a wheel alignment.

Where are your feet pointing?


Are they pointing out?

If your feet are pointing out this tells us that there may be a loss of direction or purpose in your life... you may find yourself lacking energy as your energy is scattered in two different directions. This throws out your knee and hip joints and weakens your personal power from within. Misaligned foot point is the biggest cause for knee and hip injuries that may lead to your body requiring surgery and even joint replacement! 

 Are they pointing in?

If your feet are pointing inward this tells us that you may be at cross purposes. Likely you are experiencing feelings of insecurity and self doubt, not trusting your inner strength. Your energy is held back. You may be experiencing some fear about moving forward in life and expressing your truth. This also throws out your knee and hip joints and weakens your personal power from within. 

When your feet are out of alignment - either way - this also causes lower back pain - one of the most common ailments in North America. These can be eliminated by retraining your body to stand and walk in alignment.

Are they pointing in the same direction like an = sign?

 If your feet are parallel your right and left brain functions are in alignment. You are feeling steadfast and confident in the direction you are going. You have a general feeling of being on purpose, grounded and in charge.

This is a sign of inner strength and it is the ideal foot point.
Everything means something in Sacred Body Language...
Over the next few days I challenge you to observe your own foot point and watch other people's feet. You will be amazed at what you discover!

This is the beginning of Body Awareness.