The Magic of Psychosomatic Psychology
Transformational Training

I have had so many questions regarding my Magic of Psychosomatic Psychology Transformational Training since the last email I sent you, that I made a short video to answer as many of them as I can in detail:

The benefits of the Psychosomatic Psychology
Process & Integration:

hrtBecome your own therapist and heal & empower yourself with self-awareness

hrtLearn how your feelings of being not good enough stem from internalized hurts from childhood

hrtUnravel the root causes of anxiety & stress and how to release them from within your body's cellular memory

hrtResolve abundance issues by discovering their root cause

hrtDiscover how your body responds to your thoughts & feelings which creates the shape you are in

hrtDevelop new beliefs and behavioural breakthroughs that reinvent your body which then transform your life experience

hrtTurn Dis-Harmony into Harmony in relationships - with yourself and others

hrtImprove your sex life by being fully present and loving the skin you are in

hrtLearn to express yourself with compassion & understanding

hrtRECLAIM your Personal Power by bringing all your energy back to YOU!

The Magic of Psychosomatic Psychology Transformational Training is where you develop a deeper understanding of your own and other people's bodies and what they are communicating. This training consists of 5 days for Level 1 and 5 days for Level 2 with a day off in between if you choose to take it all at once, or you can attend the Levels separately over the course of a year.

Remember, your body never lies!


During this 10 day Transformational Training you will experience a profound BodyMindSoul connection as you further release the issues in your tissues and step into YOUR SOUL's GREATNESS! 


REMINDER: The Body Awakening Method 3 Day Live Event is not mandatory for continuing to the next level of Training, yet I do encourage you to strengthen your experience through the dynamic group learning process that is enjoyable and profoundly enlightening.