The 3 Sacred Keys

The 3rd video "The 3 Sacred Keys" is all about how energy flows through the body, how it gets trapped, sometimes, with a few practical tips on how to release the trapped energy within you and let go of the issues in your tissues.

You will discover:
  • How scattered energy creates havoc in your Life
  • How to bring balance in your Inner World
  • That your life is all about you and your body
  • A simple tip on how to clear your mind
  • How to stand in alignment with Your Power

Here is the video:

5 Replies to “The 3 Sacred Keys”

  1. Thank you for sharing the videos and thank you for sending the book so quickly - succeeding in spite of everything -

  2. Carole, thank you for this teaching series. As I have read and watched your information and I realize just how much I learned from your and Hermann. I would love to start doing more to help those people around me.
    Respectfully submitted, Karen of Colorado

  3. Beautiful! Thank you. This is everything I am ready for:) So grateful for the blessing of meeting you and learning from your program!

  4. March 20 I shall arrive. I am overjoyed at the prospect look forward to light. Grateful lucky blessed that I have found you and Lorrel.

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