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Testimonials Full Body Awakening - Live Event

Sonia Bakalchuk, Founder of the Fulfilling Souls

Jan 2014 Testimonial I am and continue to feel privileged to have participated in your workshops and your Level 1 class. I enjoy your teaching style, and both appreciate and benefit from your honest straight-forward tell-it-like-it-is approach. Thank-you for the wisdom of your teachings, and for the Love and Grace by which you teach. I am eternally grateful.

Marlena Elm, Edmonton, AB

Pearl O'Connor,

This course has altered the course of my life.  It has made me realize that I have everything that I need in life inside this body of mine.  I don't need to search anymore.  I feel like I have blossomed in to the person I've always strived to be just by paying attention to me and my own needs I feel that this world would be a better place if this course was a mandatory class in schools the world one.  Can you imagine a world full of compassion, understanding and people that can stand in themselves!! ~Jake Fiveland

Jake Fiveland, Calgary, AB

Noreen Kassam, Toronto, ON

I've been studying in the complementary health arena for 20 years and I can honestly say this was one of the most fascinating, helpful and insightful body of work I've experienced. I will be able to apply it in my life and in my practice immediately.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in self development and insight into others in their life.

Sincerely, Judy


Judy Tobey, Chicago, Illinois

Pat Buchanan

I learned to bring awareness to every part of my body which allows me to balance, focus and ground myself. This course made me a very happy, compassionate and loving person to myself and others. Just simply bringing my awareness to my breathing and walking opens up my heart to love, acceptance and appreciation of myself and others.

Lisa Nasrin

Lisa nasin

Lisa Nasrin, Calgary, AB

Marilyn Robinson, 


Thank you so much for empowering me. I have finally found what I have been seeking - A true understanding of myself! I am learning to understand how to love myself and let go of past experiences that are no longer serving me any purpose! Thanks for a truly life changing opportunity.

Tami Brandrick_2013 Fall FBA Testimonial

I highly recommend everyone take this course. It is absolutely life changing. You are always learning about yourself. It's a journey of life long learning and this course gives you the tools to get on track.

Tami Brandrick, Saskatoon, SK

Mumtaz Kassam

I have an inner sense of power. I have become empowered. My confidence in myself and the ability to connect to my feelings have dramatically increased. I feel a deeper connection to my inner body & inner flow of energy. My heart has opened and I speak from my heart. Through this opening I am able to express my unique personality and allow my creativity to flow easily. My ability to see others and experience other souls has deepened.

Heather Armitage

Heather Armitage

Heather Armitage, Whistler, BC

Karen Iwanski

2013 FBA

What an amazing experience! Everything learned here was absolutely invaluable. I have even already taken Level 1 & Level 2 training and I still got more learning out of it... just deeper layers. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to look deeper into their own self and start their healing process. In only one year and a half later since I first took it, there have already been dramatic shifts. And it all started with an understanding of self that I couldn't see myself; Carole, however is a master in creating such awareness. If you are thinking about it, just do it. You?ll be glad you did! I sure am.

Nicole Van Damme

Nicole Van Damme

Nicole Van Damme, Vancouver, BC


Jill Boadway, Vancouver, BC

Thank you Carole for sharing this profound work, to empower me to come home and inhabit my body with greater consciousness.

I have had  a remarkable expansion in my confidence and clarity while speaking in front of groups and giving presentations since first taking Level 1. This training has also contributed greatly to my understanding of others at deeper levels, and I am looking forward to bringing it into lifestyle consultations with my clients.

With gratitude,


I am a practical person and like to get my money's worth - you do so much more! You can't put a price tag on your life. Seeing the connection more with my body and what it tells me, more than just bad eating habits.

Melody Oesch


Melody Oesch, Biggar, SK

Thersa Stinski

Theresa Stinski, Green Bay, NS

I found myself in this course. I knew I was a strong woman, but was unsure of what was holding me back... wow I was holding myself back by holding back my body. I will go forth continuing to grow and learn about myself and others. I have also learned to read people to gain more insight into others. I will take my skills and apply them to life, teaching friends and family along my journey.

Theresa Stinski

I took the course on trusting that there was information that would be able to make me whole and put my life on a forward path instead of always ending up bringing past to the present. During the information evening I knew this course could give me the information to start moving my life forward.

This is so much more than a course. The personal touch, safety and support has been like none other in my life. I am a better balanced, happier person for the changes that were present in this course. I am home.

Carole you are an amazing woman; that your passion for helping others really shines through with your sparkling eyes, your kick as personality and your drive to teach others.

Thank you, Bless Your Heart and Keep Up the Great Work!

Donna Young
Email from Nov 25, 2012:

Dear Carole,

The course was a coat of many colors for me. But in the end, it has changed my life, given me new insight to me and is now given me the tools and the confidence to live in my life and I believe I can be present more and more in me each day.

I did one day of the retreat with Real Authentic Women and came home because I am still sick. The most amazing thing happened to me on the way home about 10 minutes from home. I felt my body fall into my body. It was something I had not ever experienced before and I was wondering if that is something that takes place after you teach us all this wonderful empowering information.

I am so looking forward to Calgary to open up more avenues. I spoke in front of all the ladies last night and held eye contact and didn't have one butterfly and that was amazing.

I am sure you get thousands of emails telling you that you made a difference in their lives but from mother earth to the top of the sky, I am so grateful that God brought you to me to guide me and just kick my ass when I needed it the most. You are an amazing woman and I am honoured to be in your light.

Thank You..

Moving Forward

Donna Young, Edmonton, AB

Judy W

Judy Wowchuk, Burnaby, BC

My experience during the training was beneficial in releasing my clogged emotional issues. Carole's style was firm and clear to the point. It allowed me to feel the emotion and move on quickly to release many levels of issues in one session. These were done with love and compassion and I am grateful to have taken the course.

Judy Wowchuk

Spring 2013 Testimonial This ten day course has been a very enlightening and empowering experience for me. I have learned the issues behind my physical issues and injuries, my dis-eases and my emotional "blockages." I feel lighter, yet grounded; educated and empowered; and what I have been searching for most: self acceptance, joy and gratitude.

Thank you Carole for such a fulfilling experience.
Colleen Leaney

Colleen Leaney, Martensville, SK


Alexanndre Levan, Vancouver, BC

Wed 4/17/2013 11:18 PM The past 5 days have been an amazing experience I'm very grateful for everything you've done. I admire your strength and discipline for being able to facilitate this level of transformation in such a short time. I know it's not a simple thing to achieve and the experience you have created for us is very unique and meaningful, so I appreciate everything you've done for me and everyone else in the course.

FBA Testimonial I've done lots of deep and powerful workshops but this was by far the best. It brought me home to me, more of who I am.

I am grateful to Carole and the group for the reason in part in supporting me in my greatness. Thanks a bunch.

Love, Elly

Testimonial: I truly believe this course empowered me "enough" to step not only more into my power, but also to move or step out of my comfort zone. As a result I sang a duet with someone which I would have never done or considered before.

I also appreciate having my abdominal area blockage removed as since I feel more accepting of this area of my body. Furthermore, I am so grateful that the pain in my right "thinking" toe released after about 3-4 years of constant pain in walking and standing. And to top things off I released the accelerating pain in my left knee today!

Thank you so much. Words aren't enough to express my deep gratitude.

Elly Stornebrink

Elly Stornebrink, North Vancouver, BC

Charles Davis

Charles Davis, Langley, BC

Recently I attended The Full Body Awakening with Carole M Friesen. I feel totally transformed. Carole's laser focus readings of my face and body were dead on. She showed me things I was barely aware of in my life that had kept me separated from my power and then empowered me to remove these blockages from my cellular memory. This is the absolute best workshop I had ever attended. Carole is a true master and has aligned so completely with her gifts and purpose. She brings it all to the event and plays full out. This empowered me to also play full out. The proof really came to me when after the last day I went to a friends' place for dinner. They were so impressed with how I looked, they kept asking what I had done and pumped me for more and more information about the workshop. The amazing thing is that these friends are not into self improvement at all. This might have changed though. Carole empowered me to shine brighter and through that, others are now choosing to also.

Fall 2013 FBA Testimonial I wanted to share with you that I have recently completed Carole Friesen's Body Awakening and it was well worth my time and $.  Carole is an amazing presenter as she is fueled with passion and desire to assist every single person in that room.  I would encourage all of you to attend and allow yourself to evolve to another level in your journey.  And I can't wait for Level 1 to commence in January.

Wendy Woodworth

Wendy Woodworth

Wendy Woodworth, Calgary, AB

Kimberly Poppel, Saskatoon, SK

Fall 2013 FBA Testimonial

This class helped me align my body. I enjoyed finding my inner child and having better posture. I had lots of fun.

Fall 2013, Kimberly 11 years old


Thank you for helping me find myself again. I want to love my inner child again & I am glad for the tools you have given me & the door you have opened for more happiness, understanding, friendships & hope I have received this weekend.

I felt live events that I had buried come to the surface which now I will begin to deal within a positive manner.

The stretching exercises &bedroom yoga are awesome & I will continue to use them daily. Thanks.

Karen White

Karen White

Karen White, Beaumont, AB


Noreen Kassam, Toronto, ON

Intro Night Testimonial Feb 25 2014

Last night I experienced an INCREDIBLE seminar by Carole Maureen Friesen. I learned how unbelievably connected our body, mind and soul really are. Within a brief glance Carole was spot on about aspects of my character and life. Carole was able to look at the way I carried my legs to see where I held angst from my teenage years, she was able to see how sometimes I bend over backwards for people and neglect my own self based on the shape of my lower back, she could see my passion for life in my eyes and my intuitive nature in my lips. Face reading is a such a powerful tool to heal the problems of our past so that they don't show up in our bodies years later. I look forward to attending her 3-day intensive at some point in the future. Feeling blessed to have met such a knowledgeable and spiritual woman.

Thank you Carole!!

FBA Testimonial 2014 Vancouver Spring

Dear Carole,  The morning after a fabulous, phenomenal weekend experience!!!  Just want to thank you for sharing your experience, your loving self.  I got so many aha's The first time I did bedroom yoga Sunday morning I noticed a difference in my flexibility.  WOW!!!

This morning I noticed even more lightness, flexibility and expansion in my spine.  I went for my morning walk and focused on my walking.  I noticed going down stairs or up hills, it?s natural to be on my toes.  In walking I discovered that as I step forward onto the ball of my foot, then onto the whole foot before pushing off with the ball and toes of that foot, I create a 'back and forth' wave motion.  I felt a lot more movement in all the joints of my feet, ankles and knees as I walked today - more energizing.   It is starting to feel more natural to step forward accentuating the ball of my foot.  I think I'll take stairs whenever I can.

Nelie Johnston

Nelie Johnson, Maple Ridge,

Bev Brecka

Bev Brecka, Okotoks, AB

FBA June 2014

Thank you for the full body awakening 3 day event a couple of weeks ago! It was so helpful. I have been doing the bedroom yoga every morning since then and embraced many of the other things too. I am already noticing the changes, it is wonderful!

Practitioner Ongoing Learning - Feb 25 2014

I am so grateful for you Carole, last night I had some old pain surface that was very deep and a lot of it. I breathed through it, took quite a long time, I got through it though. Was so hot. Then I felt it gone and felt so much clearer than ever. I know no other process that can move deep emotions like that. You are a gift, I love you thank you


With just a few things I learned from Carole I went out and delivered my first workshops feeling totally confident and powerful, at my first intro I signed up 40% of the room into my $997 program!

Recently I worked more deeply with Carole and experienced a major shift inside. I felt do much more powerful when I did my next round of intros... And I made twice as much money intuitions as I did my first round!

I am so grateful for Carole and her work and how I can stand in my power on stage because of all I learned from her. I believe what Carole teaches is key for all speakers to learn and embody.  Thanks Carole!!!


Fia-Lynn Crandall, Canmore, AB