Practitioner Certification in Psychosomatic Therapy - Level 1 & 2 Training
Live Event + 2 Full Clinic Days + Facebook Group + Monthly Coaching & Case Studies

Upon successful completion of Level 1, Level 2 and Log Book (home study component) the student receives the Psychosomatic Practitioner Certificate III

An in depth 5 day intensive which contains:

Level 1 of Psychosomatic Therapy Trainings
Including Psychosomatic Breakthrough, Face Reading & BodyMind Analysis.

Level 2 of Psychosomatic Therapy Trainings
Including The Language of the Hands, Emotional Anatomy & Practitioner Procedures.


Join us for this exceptionally transformative program.

Let your Light & Love shine through your Body.

Being present in our minds brings us only mental awareness.

Being present in our bodies brings us experiential awareness. Our bodies can bring us home to a human experience and all the beauty in this world of spirit filled form. It is in coming home to our bodies that we create the opportunities for learning how to first repair the damages that have been compounded by neglect, and then to step further into the realms of embracing and appreciating all the wonderful opportunities available to us in this human experience.



2 Full Clinic Days valued at $995.00
Ongoing monthly LIVE coaching calls with Q&A.

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*Pre-requisite: Body Awakening Method - Home Study

**Payment Plans are available, but do keep in mind that all payments have to be processed before the training commences. 

Exciting changes coming up soon! We are currently creating online classes with many of the components of the Psychosomatic Therapy Training.


Would you like a Self Discovery Session before you move forward?

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