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Sacred Body Language…Own The Stage!

Launching: March 2017

Who is it for:
Talented Workshop Leaders who haven’t dealt with their insecurities and how that shows up in their body language and sinks their sales.

What is it:
16 Module Evergreen Online Training that prepares you to take your stage & own it with Power through congruent body language.

40% = almost $800.00

Hi my name is Carole Maureen Friesen. I am the Founder and Director of the Lightworkers Institute in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I am a specialist in Body Awareness and BodyMind Analysis.

I’ve been teaching BodyMind Awareness for the past 16 years. I used to be terrified of public speaking. Through this work I was able to break through my insecurities.

Most other Body Language trainings use the monkey see, monkey do method.

Sacred Body Language comes from releasing the issues in the tissues: freeing the Body to express naturally so every gesture, movement and posture is congruent..

"I train Workshop Leaders to deliver their programs with clean, clear and congruent Body Language... to Own Their Stage with POWER
With the drastic increase of video trainings and live events, it is imperative to have a dynamic, colourful engaging Body Language. This builds Trust and people buy from someone they trust.

Next March, I am launching a powerful 16 Module - Online training that takes people through a process of building a strong foundation in BodyMind Communication. This training is called Sacred Body Language… Own The Stage! It sells for $1995 with a 40% commission; this means that you will earn almost $800.00 per sale. In addition, I will bonus everyone in your tribe into a 3-day Live Event valued at $1995.

The proof is in the pudding! Some of my graduates in the JV Circle are: Fia-Lynn Crandall, Karen Evelyn and of course, two of the most sought after Wealth Through Workshop Leaders… Callan Rush and Justin Livingston!

Callan and Justin believe so strongly in this training…that I have had the honour of presenting at their Mesmerise Your Audience event since 2009 where I consistently sell 60% of the attendees…

I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of people - with a main focus on workshop, retreat and seminar leaders. I've personally worked with well known leaders like T Harv Eker & Deepak Chopra.

Now more than ever it is crucial that the new up and coming teachers and leaders come back into their bodies and learn how to use conscious body language to transmit their message to he world. Everyone's issues are in their tissues. I help people heal these, and become truly whole body, mind and soul.