Core Essentials
Part 3 - Body Scan


Body scanning is one of the most loving and important things you can do to bring more energy and awareness into your body. It can be used when your energy is low, if you are sick, or you just want to really get in touch with your inner world.

As we continue the Core Essentials email series I now want to share with you a simplified version of the body scan. This scan is the first step of awareness of each part of the body and includes the conscious intention behind body scanning.

There is so much more information… this is why I created the Body Scanning Training which includes a full colour manual + full length guided audio meditation that takes you through your whole body – step by step - facilitating a deep connection to every part of your body. This is a great way to expand your self appreciation and reconnect with yourself.

The full Body Scan takes you on a Sacred Journey into your inner world and includes the meanings of each part of your body, and any associated health and emotional issues.

This information is priceless for releasing all of the emotional blocks from the past that are keeping you from moving forward fully empowered and on purpose.

You will love reconnecting with yourself in this very deep intimate way!

Here is the simplified Body Scan:

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, making sure that you do not have any constriction. Loosen any tight clothing.

Starting with your feet, pay attention to the physical feelings in them: any pain, discomfort, coolness, warmth, tension, tightness, or anything else. Pay attention to the physical feelings and sensations. There is no need for judgment, don’t try to change your perceptions, just become aware of what is.

Slowly allow your consciousness to move up your lower legs, simply paying attention to any sensations in that part of your body (pay attention to any tightness, pain or discomfort). Slowly let your awareness move further up your body, gently noticing all of the parts of your body – your upper legs, hips, buttocks, genitals, pelvis, stomach, chest, your lower back, upper back, fingers and hands, lower arms, upper arms, shoulders, neck, your head, forehead, temples, face – eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth, jaw (remember to pay attention to all the little tense muscles in your face).

Let your awareness move gently and slowly back down your body, bringing to your consciousness any places where there is pain, discomfort or tension and simply noticing each sensation, until your awareness returns to your feet.

Even doing this exercise for only 5 minutes a day can bring lasting changes to your BodyMind Connection. This can be done sitting down or lying in bed. It’s not about how long it takes – it’s about gifting yourself the time to pay attention to the sensations in your body.

There is no right or wrong way to do this, your body will guide you along the way. This is even more powerful when you combine this practice along with Orgasmic Bedroom Yoga.