Core Essentials
Part 2 - Sacred Body Language


Your body has a wisdom of its own, your cells are like little children, constantly crying for your attention. It is so easy to ignore them as we dive into the endless to-do lists.

As we continue the Core Essentials email series I will share with you some easy, simple, practical tips about stepping into your power, realigning your centre core and awakening your inner strength.

Our bodies are communicating with us every moment of every day… the challenge is that we have forgotten how to listen. Even when some of the body’s messages get through from our subconscious to our conscious mind we may not be able to decipher their meaning.

The body has a language of its own... how powerful would it be to understand your own
Sacred Body Language?

For example: Are you aware that one of the most common body ailments is back pain?

Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work, misery and sexual drive challenges.

It is empowering to discover the true causes of back pain and other ailments in your body and how they are created by emotional or physical imbalances, suppressed feelings and negative thought patterns.

The location of the discomfort along your centre core (spinal column) is very telling. The back is a storehouse of the emotions we have put behind us, in particular repressed fear and anger. We may not even be aware of these issues until we learn the Psychosomatic Psychology behind them and address the emotional issues in the tissues.

When pain is located in the lower back  (Base & Sacral Chakras) – around the tailbone – the issues contributing to this pain are lack of financial support, relationship challenges and burdens of our reality. The conscious or subconscious fears related to the lower back are: shame, fear of moving forward, family of origin issues and fear for our safety and security... these are all foundational survival issues.

When pain is located in the middle back (Solar Plexus Chakra) – the issues contributing to this pain are guilt, bending over backwards to please others, giving our power away and disconnection from your true personal power.

When pain is located in the upper back (Heart Chakra) – the issues contributing to upper back pain are: lack of emotional support, lack of acknowledgment from an early age and feelings of betrayal (being stabbed in the back). This directly affects the expression of our heartfelt feelings.

There is so much more information, that I created a full colour manual that takes you through your whole body - step by step  - facilitating a deep intimate connection to every part of your body. This is a great way to expand your self appreciation and reconnect with yourself. Inside you will find the meanings of each body part, and any associated health and emotional issues.

By starting to tune into your body with the awareness of how it is actually communicating emotional issues, you will get a deeper understanding and appreciation of your body's language and how your body reacts to the stresses of daily life.

This information is priceless for releasing all of the emotional blocks from the past that are keeping you from moving forward fully empowered and on purpose.

You will enjoy reconnecting with yourself in this very deep intimate way!