Core Essentials
Part 1 - Orgasmic Bedroom Yoga

If you are anything like me… and most of my students, your life keeps you busy. I totally understand the day to day pressures of balancing a family, career and personal care.

Welcome to the Core Essentials email series.

Here I will share with you some easy, simple, practical tips about stepping into your power, realigning your centre core and awakening your inner strength.

The more balanced and aligned you are to your centre core the more your Light will Shine!

Your centre core – the spinal column – requires your attention on a daily basis, because that is where you hold the majority of your stress which can manifest in many ways, such as headaches, back pain or emotional discomfort.

In this email, I will share with you a couple of tips on how to release the tension in your spinal column, alleviate discomfort and allow your energy to flow freely.

I invite you to practice these tips every day and set yourself free with only a few minutes a day… You will be amazed at the results!

As you wake up, it is important to start your day slowly... allowing all the parts of your body to awaken using slow, sleepy movements.  I start my mornings by tuning into my body from the bottom up, beginning with little movements that awaken and energize.

In an earlier email we talked about awakening your toes… here is a simple release for the tail bone, lower back and hips.

Move your legs slowly up and down at the hips. These are tiny movements, shifting your hips left and right by millimetres not inches.  I call this zig-zag’ing. As you are lying flat on your back move first one hip and then the other in a slow, dancing motion. Lengthen and shorten your legs, first one then the other.  You can continue to flex your toes as you now focus on your hips.

Once your lower back feels awake and relaxed you are ready for the next step...


Never force yourself, never push yourself to the point of pain – this is a loving dance you are performing just for yourself.

Let go of the thoughts prompting you to do it “right”. Your body has Divine Wisdom, there is no need to push it past it’s limits. Allow the movements to become you – there is no right or wrong way – your body will show you the way.

Your Orgasmic Bedroom Yoga video has many more exercises that guide you through releasing muscles from head to toe including a full visual introduction on how energy flows through your beautiful body and activates all of your chakras.

Here is a short introduction clip where I share many more diamonds:

 Interesting Image

At The Lightworkers Institute we train people to connect deeply to their centre core... this allows their Life Force to flow freely through their body as it recharges and cleanses all of their systems.