The Art & Science of Face Reading
Part 3 - Live Face Reading!


In the last two emails I have shared some priceless Face Reading gems with you. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Below I am going to share with you what it looks like to have a mini face reading from one of my Live Events.

Remember, understanding is power!

Your Face will tell you and everyone around you... on some level... what it is you are focusing on. The more balanced and aligned you are within your Center Core the more you will understand and trust yourself.... fall in love with that little girl or boy inside you.

What happened to that little child to make them dim their light?

The brighter your Light shines the more people you will attract. And the more people you attract the more abundance you attract – this is the true law of attraction.

Anything out of balance will dim your light.

Watch the short clip below and see how deeply this experience affects Patrick as his Soul's Light shines through when his True Essence is being recognized for the first time. Click the image to play:


Look forward to more gems in the next series, until then..

Remember, you are a Lightworker and your beautiful body is your Lighthouse!!!