The Art & Science of Face Reading
Part 2 - Facial Features


How did you enjoy REALLY looking at your own face? What did you see that you might not have noticed before? What did you learn about what your face shape means?
Are you aware that the Energy Centres (Chakras) of your body are also reflected in your face? 
Align your body... Align your face!
Your face shape is like a headline of a newspaper and the specific facial features flesh out the rest of the story. 
All of your facial features have specific meanings and represent characteristics of your Personality and your Soul's Essence.
Here are a few elements of your face and their meanings:
Eyebrows: (Throat Chakra) Your eyebrows signify your emotional type and indicate the level of communication between your head and your heart. They express your thoughts, emotions and point of view. 
Eyes: (Heart Chakra) The eyes are the windows of the soul. They represent the deeper, inner feelings of the personality, the feelings of the heart. The right eye represents the physical personality and the left eye the soul quality. (when you look in the mirror, do you notice any differences between your eyes?)
When the personality is aligned with the soul's purpose the eyes glitter with passion. 
Nose: (Solar Plexus Chakra) The nose represents your personality and identity. It's strength, size and proportion with the rest of the face is an important indication of the projection of one's personality.
Mouth and lips: (Sacral Chakra) The mouth and lips represent how we taste life, bitter or sweet. The mouth is the most mobile part of the face: it speaks, feeds, expresses or suppresses thoughts, emotions and sensuality. It represents the genital organs and the creativity of the individual. A well balanced mouth should be moderate in size, full and well shaped.
Chin: (Base Chakra) The chin signifies willpower, determination, security and physical strength. When the chin is broad and full this signifies a strong individual, willing and ready to put themselves out there.

Exercise: Now that you are so much more aware of what the different features of your face mean...go take a REALLY GOOD look at yourself and write down some of your observations.
Understanding your True Essence and what you are built for is a powerful experience. There is no need to be someone you are not!!!

Face Reading is about who you see in the mirror every day of your life. When you understand and accept yourself, you can better understand and accept others. 
There is so much more to reading the face than these simple steps. They are explained in The Art & Science of Face Reading, a full Online Training Program.