Meet Agnieszka

There is no more important task in this life than making your mind and body congruent. It helps you feel well seated within yourself, helps you to communicate clearly with others, and be generally unfuckwithable.

With a unique combination of skills and alternative education, some brought along through generations of ancestors, Agnieszka can see deeper when she looks at your face and body. She can help you see what is going on with you on the subconscious level by looking at your face and body.

Agnieszka has been working to develop a deep understanding of human nature. There are energies and patterns, physical and emotional, that influence your well-being and your ability to shine every day.

Your habitual patterns are written all over your body.

When you find yourself experiencing stuckness in your life these habitual patterns may be at fault. They may even be affecting your ability to create your own happiness.

Are you dedicated to creating a world where you delight in living?

Are you living the life you want to live? Do you wake up energized and well-rested? These challenges can be assisted by shining a light on how you have been managing the energies and patterns within your body.

Through a deep study of a variety of coaching techniques, a 10-year exploration of Psychosomatic Therapy and Body Mind Analysis as taught by the Psychosomatic Therapy College of Australia... through connecting with her roots as a practitioner of Slavic Shamanism, Agnieszka has all the tools to help you shine today.

As a transformational coach, she will empower you with an understanding of how to dramatically shift your current barriers and make way for what you desire.

  • Learn about your body-memory and the messages it carries.
  • Observe what your body broadcasts to the world for everyone to see.
  • Understand your energy blocks and how to work towards healing your emotional body.
  • Step into healing and understanding your body and its messages as effortlessly as stepping into a tub of warm water.

Agnieszka carries the Mother energy and leads with love, at the same time she is direct and straight forward helping you speed up your healing process with innovative tools and processes that work like magic.

With a deep understanding of your own habitual muscle patterns and the energies governing your Body-Mind, you will be able to illuminate your path forward from within.

  • Somatic intelligence and analysis
  • Body language and what you are broadcasting to the world
  • Psychosomatic Therapy and health consultation – body message interpretation
  • Lifestyle strategy – what will help you shine even brighter?

Where does she get this understanding?

  • Certified Life Coach: Accredited Core Alignment Coaching Professional Coach Training
  • Master Practitioner of Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) June 27, 2014,Foothills Toastmasters Club
  • Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) June 04, 2013,Foothills Toastmasters Club
  • Competent Leader (CL) June 04, 2013,Foothills Toastmasters Club
  • Competent Communicator (CC) May 25, 2012,Foothills Toastmasters Club
  • Since 2019 Agnieszka Evenson has been working with the University of Reason as a Marketing Strategy and Copywriting Instructor

What do her clients say about her abilities?

Bernice Blackburn on Psychosomatic Therapy instruction
I would like recommend Agnieszka for her comment to her work. Her ability to respond to all the questions people ask of her about courses as well as where everyone is at any given time is remarkable.

Peter Kieran on One-on-one Coaching
Having both worked directly with her as well as observed her in a coaching relationship I can vouch for her incredible ability to get to the root of an issue and use her wonderfully creative mind to add insight to a situation in ways that always leave one feeling inspired and energized. She will bring value and quality to any coaching session and her passion for working with young people is evident in everything she does.

Kathleen Bathory, Agnieszka's teacher on One-on-one Coaching
I have had the pleasure of listening to Agnieszka's coaching "in action" several times and can, without a doubt, speak to her excellence as a coach. She has a great passion for coaching and being of service to others. Her exceptional ability to listen and create meaning and results for her clients means you will not be disappointed!

Kim Miller on Group Coaching
Agnieszka's ongoing commitment to her project, client, or colleague is always 100%. Dedication to taking a project or task from beginning to completion, with great success, has earned Agnieszka the respect of her peers. Always willing to go the extra mile and is definitely someone I would work with in the future. 

Paul Nelson on One-on-one Coaching
Agnieszka brings a broad range of skills to her coaching career. As much as her heart and her mind help to scope out a problem, her get-it-done attitude ensures that a client benefits through improved performance.

Elizabeth Neef on One-on-one Coaching Sessions
Agnieszka is a gift to coaching, her vibrance and clarity makes communication with her an adventure. She brings a playful, insightful approach to her work and engenders enthusiasm in all she connects with. A new coach, with a quickly growing practice I can see success will be quick and easy and fulfilling for those she works with.

Richard Hausauer on One-on-one Coaching Sessions
Agnieszka is a wonderful coach who has helped me through several life issues in the time I've been working with her. I would recommend that anyone in need of a some coaching work with her.

Private Clients on Business Coaching and Strategy Sessions with Agnieszka
"Agnieszka is a very smart, strategic thinker. She helped us rethink our strategy and overall value proposition. She was great to work with."

"It was an absolute pleasure working with this gun of a marketer. Will definitely be back to working with her. Highly recommend. Full of insights on how to better and improve the project."

"Agnieszka's knowledge is very valuable for the progress of my business. She provides amazing and constructive feedback. Her eye for detail is impressive, she can pick up on things I would never have thought of. Thank you, Agnieszka!"

"Great experience and superior knowledge."

"Great experience working with Agnieszka. She's very professional and knowledgeable. I will hire her again."

"Agnieszka is wonderful to work with and strives to understand how to serve you best! I'll be hiring her again."

"Amazing experience working with Agnieszka, she exceeded our expectations!"

"Lovely, Amazing, smart, helpful, she is simply a Rock Star"

"She is so good even God hired her and was very happy with the results."

Participants on the Live Three-Day Courses:
Wow! I have learnt so much about myself. What I have been carrying in my body. I have learnt to stay focused and balance, to be in the present moment to be centered, to come home!
- Phyllis

I learned to bring awareness to every part of my body which helps me to balance, focus and ground myself. This course made me a more happy, compassionate and loving person.
- Lisa

This is the very best thing I could have done for myself. I love, respect and cherish myself more than I ever have.
- Cherie

In an overused and heavily financially draining medical system, this is the obvious training, and information that should be given to every body on this planet.
- Roberta

I learned what I communicate with my body, understand its messages and learned to stand up straight and breathe.
- John

This course has altered the course of my life. It has made me realize that I have everything that I need in life inside this body of mine. I don’t need to search anymore. I feel like I have blossomed into the person I’ve always strived to be just by paying attention to me and my own needs.
- Jake