Mastery in Psychosomatic Psychology

Online Training + Facebook Group Monthly Coaching & Case Studies

This is an advanced study of the Psychosomatic Psychology and its therapeutic applications. You will experience a deeper understanding of Psychosomatic Psychology and its relation to Personality Profiling and Body Language.

The Certification requirements include:

  • Profiling the personality.
  • Psychosomatic linguistics.
  • Body language interpretation.
  • Soul energetics through emotional release.
  • Creating case histories and therapeutic treatment.
  • Analysis of clients and other participants for psychosomatic assessments.

Experience this opportunity for greater expression of your true potential. “What a tool for self-confidence!”

Pre-requisite: Certificate III (Magic of Psychosomatic Psychology Level 1 and 2) 

If you are interested in a Self Discovery Session for more information about qualifying for our trainings, please contact our office at